CO2 – Second Chance


  • Whenever the Market is empty, it stays closed for the rest of the turn.
  • After setup, all CEPs bought and awarded will come from the Market (raising their price each time) or a controlled Region.
  • A player can spend CEPs from a region they control, but cannot sell them in the Market.
  • If you receive 2 CEPs (due to Forestation or advancements on the Knowledge track) and only one is available in the Market, you take the last one, add another 2 (raise the price every time) then take one more and close the market.
  • A built Power Plant goes in the current decade slot of any Region (if empty) and only replaces a Fossil Fuel plant from a previous decade if the current decade is occupied. If all slots are occupied by Renewable Power Plants, the Plant cannot be built.
  • With every Scientist, a player gains a Research point.
  • Lobbyist cards cannot be scored during another player’s turn.

End of decade

  • Only the top 2 players on the Research tracks will earn Money or VPs during the Income phase in a 3 or 4 players game and only the first in a 2 players game.
  • VPs lost by not fulfilling Environmental Goals increase by 1 each decade and so do the points necessary to reduce ppm (2010-1, 2020-2, 2030-3, 2040-4).
  • Two or more, different Environmental Goal tiles can be flipped at the same time due to a single Action but two identical tiles will require two different actions.
  • Environmental Goal tiles are flipped at the end of the decade, during the Environmental Goals phase.
  • Private Goal cards remain secret until the end of the game and are not revealed when accomplished both when playing Co-op or Competitive (exception: Co-op card 3)

Solo Rules

  • Performing a second Main Action (by adding pollution) does not grant another 3 Executive Actions.
  • If you run out of Infrastructure wooden tokens of your color, you can use those of any other color.

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