Eldritch Horror


  • A Mystery is only solved at the end of the Mythos phase.
  • After Omen advances, Doom advances once for every spawned Gate with the same Omen present on the board. If Omen advances more than once, this is repeated for every step.
  • When an Investigator is Ambushed, at the end of the encounter the Monster is removed, wether it has been defeated or not.
  • Used Clue tokens do not go back in the pile, they are kept separate.

Action Phase

  • A player has to declare any extra dice before rolling.
  • Every test is done with at least 1 die. When an Investigator has 0 or less dice to roll for a Test (due to various modifiers), they still roll 1 die.
  • Only one bonus can be applied to a Test roll. If an Investigator has several Assets that could give bonuses to a skill, they will have to choose one.
  • Asset cards may have more effects that are separated by a space in the text (eg.:Gain +1 Strength – You may reroll 1 die when resolving a Strength test). This means only one of the bonuses can be applied to a Test, never both.
  • When a card says “any Investigator”, that includes you.
  • A ticket does not give you an extra Travel action (so it cannot be used by itself), but it can extend your Travel action if it matches with the next section of your movement, and you can use more than 1 (2 is the max you can hold), for a max movement action of 3 spaces. A ticket cannot be used in conjunction with Silas’ special Action.
  • A ticket type may only be bought in a City space that is connected by the same type of path (eg.:if there are no ship paths connected to your City space, you cannot buy a ship ticket)
  • Clues can be traded between Investigators.
  • A Spell, Artifact or Asset cannot be used more than once in a turn (and it cannot be traded with another Investigator and be reused in the same turn).
  • Every Action can only be performed once during an Investigator’s turn, this includes extra actions that an item or another Investigator may give.
  • The Acquire Action can only be performed in a City.
  • The Rest and Acquire actions cannot be used in a space where there is a Monster.
  • If an Investigator gets Delayed during the Action phase, their action phase ends but they are not turned to the side and are not delayed in their next Action phase.
  • An Investigator cannot gain a Condition or Spell they already have and cannot choose (if possible) an action or event that will lead to it. If this happens, the new Condition/Spell is discarded.
  • A Detained Investigator cannot be moved by any event beside the end of the Condition.

Encounter Phase

  • If there are more types of non-Monsters Encounters in the same space (eg.:London, city, Clue, Gate), the Investigator in that space can decide which one to Encounter on that turn.
  • An Investigator cannot have any type of non-Monsters Encounters until all Monsters in that space are defeated. If all monsters are defeated during an Encounter phase, the Investigator can then perform a non-Monster Encounter in the same turn.
  • Monsters are Encountered one at a time.
  • If there are more Monsters in a space, an Investigator must Encounter them all, but they can choose in which order.
  • Epic Monsters are not placed in the Monster cup, they cannot be moved and can only be defeated by removing their Health.

Mythos phase

  • The effects of Reckoning have to be played sequentially, as displayed at the back page of the Reference Guide.
  • On a Monster Surge, if the are no Gates matching the current Omen, a new Gate (and relative Monster) is spawned.
  • When a Gate is spawned, only 1 Monster is spawned with it.

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