Labyrinth: War on Terror


  • If a country needs to be Tested but it already has a Governance marker, it does not get tested again.
  • If a faction uses an opponent’s card, the associated Event has to be played and cannot be ignored
  • A Besieged Regime marker can only be added by card Event or by attempting and failing a Major Jihad at Poor Governance. It can be present if a country is at Fair Governance, but it is removed by Good Governance.
  • Reserves not used are lost at the end of every turn.
  • Reserves cannot be used for Reassessment by the US.


  • War of Ideas can only be executed in Muslim Countries that are Neutral or Allied. It can be executed in non-Muslim countries to change Posture.
  • When a War of Ideas is executed in a Muslim country that is Neutral, first the marker is moved to Ally (at the same Governance), then Governance can be improved with successive WoI actions.
  • The US can only Deploy in Allied countries unless it Deploys for a Regime Change, which can only be done in IR countries.
  • Withdraw can only be performed if Posture is Soft and it requires a 3-value card. (only removing Troops from a Regime Change country is considered Withdrawing, moving/removing in any other case is considered Deploy)
  • When performing a Regime Change, 6 Troops have to be Deployed in the RC country, already-present Troops don’t count.


  • A Minor Jihad reduces Governance but does not change Alignment.
  • A Major Jihad can be attempted only at Poor Governance but ignores Alignment (a Poor Ally country can be turned into an Adversary IR with a singe Major Jihad).
  • A Plot can only be same level or less than the Operation Value of the card used to play it (a card with an OV of 2 can place either level 1 or 2 Plots).
  • Plots are resolved one at a time and the consequences of one can affect the next, but the 1-3 dice rolls for every single Plot (depending on Plot value) happen at the same time (Governance can be changed between Plots but not between rolls for the same Plot).
  • A Cadre is only removed if a cell is placed in that country from the Funding Track, or by the US if it Disrupts in a country where the Cadre is present.


  • Musharraf can change an IR to Poor Ally.
  • Oil Price Spike can be stacked and it can cause an immediate victory.

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