General rules

  • When moving, your faction has to rule the clearing your are moving from and/or the clearing you are moving to. The Vagabond is not affected by this rule (basic but even experts forget it sometimes).
  • Victory Points are never lost (exception: Eyrie Turmoil), if a building (Marquise) or Sympathy (Woodland Alliance) are lost, the VPs are not lost and can be gained again.
  • The game finishes the moment a faction reaches 30 points, no need to complete the turn or day.
  • Buildings (square tokens) count towards Ruling a clearing, round tokens (sympathy and wood) do not, but any type of token can be attacked and removed. Every token removed by a rival faction gives it a VP.


  • When crafting, each crafting piece can only be activated once in the same turn.
  • When crafting, activating a crafting piece means just declaring it. Only in the case of the Vagabond, the Hammer/s get exhausted.
  • A card cannot be crafted just for VPs if an item is not available in the map supply.


  • When battling, if all warriors of a faction are removed from a clearing, any remaining hits are dealt at Buildings or Tokens.
  • When attacking, only a single faction can be chosen to be attacked during a Battle action (this is also true if the Vagabond is Allied with a faction, as he can only attack with the allies, not defend).
  • An Ambush takes place before the actual battle, the pieces are removed and then the battle takes place.
  • Ambush cards can be played by a faction if it has any kind of presence in a clearing (warriors and/or building and/or tokens)
  • Ambush cards can remove tokens (warriors first as usual though).
  • Bonus hits given by crafted cards do not need warriors to deal them (2 warriors can deal 2 hits+any extra given by a card or anything else)

Marquise de Cat

  • When constructing a building, the wood used has to come from a connected clearing (a line of clearings ruled by the Marquise).
  • Other factions cannot place Warriors or Tokens in the clearing with the Keep, but they can Move there.
  • The Keep can be destroyed, making the Marquise the only faction that can be completely wiped off the board.

Eyrie Dynasties

  • The Eyrie rules a clearing if tied for presence.
  • If all Roosts on the board are destroyed, the Eyrie places a Roost and 3 warriors on a clearing with the fewest enemy warriors.
  • The Move part of the Decree tells you where to move from, not to.
  • Cards within each Decree column can be played in any order.
  • If a Decree column does not have any cards, that action is skipped.
  • Unlike other factions, the Eyrie only scores VPs in the Evening, not when a Roost is built.
  • If all 4 leaders are deposed due to Turmoil, the 4 leader cards become available again.

Woodland Alliance

  • If no Sympathy tokens are on the board, Sympathy can be placed anywhere. After that, only in adjacent clearings.
  • When spreading Sympathy in a clearing with 3 or more enemy warriors, an extra matching Supporter card is used.
  • When a rival faction removes a Sympathy token from a clearing and has no card to give to the WA, the WA takes one from the shared deck.
  • In battle, uses the highest die both when attacking and defending.

The Vagabond

  • Can only Slip into forests at Birdsong but can Move out of them.
  • Forests are not halved by rivers (but they are in the Winter map).
  • The Vagabond is not a Warrior, therefore it is not affected by Sympathy when moving in a clearing that has it.
  • When moving to a clearing ruled by a Hostile faction, 2 Boot items are used.
  • When Aiding, beside the card given to the faction, one Item of choice has to be exhausted.
  • When Aiding to level 2 or 3, 2 or 3 aids have to be given during the same turn.
  • Aid can be given to a faction that has any piece in your clearing.
  • Cards given when Aiding have to match your current clearing.
  • You can aid a Hostile faction, but it remains Hostile.
  • At Birdsong, count Teapots refresh then standard refresh.
  • Teapots, Coins and Satchel items do not get exhausted unless used for a Quest or when Aiding. When exhausted, they must be moved to the satchel.
  1. Here you say that “When battling, if all warriors of a faction are removed from a clearing, the attacker gains an extra hit (to be dealt at Buildings or Tokens)”
    But I haven’t read this anywhere else and watched some online videos like (at 34:40) that don’t do so.
    I wonder which one is correct.

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